Are you travelling to Japan?

We can ship our products to your hotel while you`re here!


We don`t have a storefront for you to visit, but you can buy marshmallows through our website and receive them at your hotel while you`re in Japan. What better to surprise you on your trip than some cute and delicious cats? If you are interested in having our products shipped to your hotel, please continue reading below.


How to Order

You can use our Japanese website and pick out your favorite products as normal. But, because you have a limited window in Japan, it is important to fill out your order very carefully. We want your order to arrive on time, and before you leave! Please read these tips before you place your order: Please look at  checkout guide of the international shipping guide page .



  • Please place your order at least TWO weeks before your visit.
  • Tell us the exact name and address of your hotel. (If you know your  reservation number, include that as well.)
  • Give us the name that you gave your hotel. (If the receptionist cannot match the name on the package and the name on your room, you may not receive it!)
  • Tell us the date that you want to receive your package using our contact form
  • If you would like your order to be delivered over 40 days after order, you will be unable to pay by credit card.


We apologize for the slight headache you may feel after skimming through so much Japanese, but it will be good practice for your trip!



If you have any questions, please reach us through our contact form.

Yawahada Team.

July 21, 2015